Three-track sliding window refers to have three equipped with pulley track sliding window, generally must be three or more to constitute the three-track sliding window. In addition to opening simple and convenient, easy to clean, three-track sliding windows can open two-thirds of the space, can be more effective use of space and achieve good ventilation.
Advantages of three-track sliding windows:
More space: More space can be opened and better ventilation can be achieved.
Better sealing: It is more difficult for moisture and dust to enter, and the heat insulation and sound insulation effect is better.
Convenient operation: Adopting three-slide system, smooth and noiseless pushing and pulling, convenient switching.
Strong permeability: The main body is made of transparent safety glass, which can achieve large natural lighting.

1. The frame and sash adopt 45°bevelled cut, group angle splicing assembly design, which improves the efficiency of door and window processing and assembling;
2. Multiple choice of colours, inside and outside can be designed in different colours;
3. Smooth frame structure design, high strength window, firm and beautiful;
4. Individual screen fan can be configured, hollow glass configuration, with excellent heat preservation and sunshade performance;
5. Independent diamond screen track structure design, with better security and anti-theft performance;
6. Stainless steel track structure design, doors and windows push and pull to move more lightweight, more stylish style;

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