Analysis of Top-tier Project Doraemiao


Life is equal, but not fair! Some people are noble, rich and beautiful from birth. Some people seem to have been abandoned by God from the moment of birth: poor families; cowardly personality, so they are not dare to fight for their basic rights; mediocre appearance, so they are not ignored everywhere...

The value system and ideology of the society determine the behavior mode of human beings. Since the birth of human beings, human beings have been evolving towards civilization. However, there have also been dark history of religious persecution, the slave trade, the Holocaust in Europe and the world. In the 21st century, the industrial revolution and Internet innovation have brought human civilization to a new height and there are few collective and bloody incidents in the society, but the bullying and indifference to vulnerable groups is still constant. According to the report released by the United Nations, "Behind the Numbers: Ending School Violence and Bullying", one in three students around the world has been bullied.

The development of blockchain technology and its various functions (DeFi, NFT GameFi, etc.) has created opportunities for us to reshape these value systems. With this in mind, the Doreamiao team has developed a complete Metaverse system, which allows players to experience the process of building a better society from weak to strong through the tokenomics and GameFi game mechanism, so as to lead players to oppose oppression, care for themselves and care for others in reality.

Doraemiao (DOM), with the mission of opposing bullying, has made a revolutionary breakthrough, allowing players and Doraemiao to grow together in Metaverse. While earning digital assets, players can more feel the spirit of indomitable, changing fate, maintaining justice through Doraemiao’s growth process to reshape the value system and ideology of society, and make human civilization more friendly and harmonious. This is Doraemiao’s ultimate vision.

Project Introduction?

In Doraemiao, players can freely trade their digital assets, and obtain Dom tokens by purchasing, staking NFT, or playing Doraemiao games. Doraemiao will also promote the help of the weak in the real world. Doraemiao will use the assets of the Treasury to help the bullied and abandoned weak in the real world, and fill the world with love through practical actions.

How to play Doraemiao?

As a part of Doraemiao, Doraehero, weapons, growth crystals, and recovery potions will be tokenized or NFT-ized in Doraemiao. In Doraemiao game, every time the bully is defeated through battle, players will also receive the medal of hero and token reward. All NFTs will become digital collections, and all digital assets can also be converted or sold into fiat. By cultivating Doraemiao, making it grow from weak to strong, and finally becoming a hero who guards peace and opposes bullies, players will be able to feel the importance of growth and love. In Doraemiao system, the tax of each transaction will go into the Treasury, which will be used to subsidize the poor, lonely, and vulnerable groups with mentally ill in reality, so that they can feel the care of the society. Therefore, Doraemiao is not only a virtual Metaverse world, but also a friendly and kind mutual aid organization in the real world.


DOM token is the native token of Doraemiao. It will be issued based on BSC chain. It will become the only circulating token in Doraemiao Metaverse. At the same time, it will also grant holders the right to vote for governance. Players can buy and hold DOM token in the market, and can also win the DOM token by playing games. The total supply of DOM is 100 billion, and its allocation method is as follows:

NFT and token staking reward: 10%

LP pool: 10%

Deflationary burn: 30%

Private sale: 10%

Ecology fund: 10%

P2E game reward: 30%


Contact Person: Benjamin Teh


Telephone: 017-3383100

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