DLT energy tower -- the ultimate code of wealth expansion


DLT energy tower -- the ultimate code of wealth expansion


At present, blockchain is becoming the forefront of global technology development. With the gradual liberalization of policies, we can see that the industry subversion brought by blockchain is no longer limited to the concept, but is applied in many fields and comes between you and me.

The delta exchange, developed by the foundation and its global research team, came into being. The energy tower relies on the new interpersonal communication network of ΛCDM big bang expansion model algorithm. According to users' sharing strength, activity and other usage habits, the system spontaneously allocates computing power levels, and all people share data and information to create profits, so as to realize a fair, fair and high return symbiotic digital economic ecology.



The universe was born in a big bang and has been expanding ever since. It is a mysterious "dark energy" that promotes the expansion of the universe. Delta is to digitize the greatest macro model of the universe, so that the DLT token generated by delta can reach the strongest consensus in the world through decentralized community autonomy and fair and credible mining model! DLT (delta) is the platform currency issued by the energy tower, which is the proxy for the owner's equity of the trading platform.

Total issue: 120 million

Unit price: 0.2usdt

ΛCDM model mining capacity: 110965440

New quantity: 5 million pieces

Airdrop: 930000 pieces (100000 yuan airdrop to the active group meeting the standard)

ΛCDM model trigger mechanism: 3104560


According to DLT, the core value of blockchain is from don't be evil to can't be evil. The mission of energy tower is can't be evil. We should use blockchain technology to build a collective witness and tamperable trusted value exchange network. Next, we will explain how the energy tower can't be evil by using blockchain technology from the aspects of private key, smart contract, third-party audit, multi signature, Noah Ark and cross chain technology.

Reveal the secrets of the universe and feel the charm of wealth. DLT power tower, the ultimate code of wealth expansion.

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