JDG metal threading pipe has six specifications of φ16-φ50. It is used with metal direct, box connection, elbow and junction box. It is used in concrete high-rise buildings, industrial plants, large commercial complexes, transportation hubs, underground garages, rail transit Engineering, public buildings, petrochemical, military, pharmaceutical, aerospace, fire protection and other industries. It has become the first choice in modern construction projects to replace PVC conduits.

There are six specifications of φ16-φ50, light in weight, light in handling and construction, concise, beautiful in appearance, durable, with excellent performance characteristics such as fire prevention, corrosion resistance, high strength, light structure, and easy construction.

Sichuan Desheng Feiteng Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2014, mainly engaged in hardware products, seismic brackets, hoisting brackets, pipe gallery brackets, solar photovoltaic brackets, etc.
The company has passed the test report of GB/T 37267-2018 "General Technical Conditions for Building Seismic Supports and Hangers", and has successfully developed a building electromechanical installation system for seismic fortification requirements, becoming the leading domestic supplier of finished support installation systems, and has been promoted to The member units of "China Construction Metal Structure Association Construction Electromechanical Seismic Branch" have participated in the construction of many domestic key projects, provided high-quality products to more than 300 customers around the world, and become a trusted cooperation in the construction and installation industry and related maintenance industries around the world. partner.


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