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Ship welding technology is one of the key technologies in China's modern shipbuilding mode. Improving production efficiency, shortening shipbuilding cycle, reducing manufacturing costs and improving manufacturing quality are the eternal themes of the entire shipbuilding industry. Welding process plays an important role in the whole ship manufacturing process. Ship welding man hours account for about 40% of the total ship manufacturing man hours, while welding costs account for about 30-50% of the total ship manufacturing costs. This shows the importance of welding and cutting equipment in the ship industry.

According to the statistics of the holdings of 17 shipbuilding enterprises by Chengdu Lixin Welding and Cutting Tools Co., Ltd., the average holdings of welding and cutting equipment of shipbuilding enterprises reached 1468, including 441 inverter welding and cutting equipment and 1027 traditional welding and cutting equipment. Compared with other industries, such as steel structure, general machinery, rail vehicles, and construction engineering, the shipbuilding industry has the highest level of ownership, and is the industry with the most concentrated demand for welding machines in various industries.

According to the observation on the purchase quantity, 94% of shipbuilding enterprises purchased welding and cutting equipment in 2009, with an average purchase price of 15543 yuan/set. These enterprises have purchased 135 welding and cutting equipment on average, including 71 inverter welding and cutting equipment and 64 traditional welding and cutting equipment. The proportion of inverter in new procurement is much higher than that in inventory. The significant difference between the two proportions reflects the broad application prospect of inverter welding and cutting equipment in the shipbuilding industry. It is a trend for inverter models to replace some traditional models in the future.

Among the enterprises interviewed, 65% believed that inverter welding and cutting equipment would further replace traditional welding and cutting equipment, and most of them believed that inverter welding and cutting equipment accounted for more than traditional equipment. Through calculation, the proportion of inverter welding and cutting equipment in welding and cutting equipment will increase to 86% in 9-10 years. The main reason leading this trend is that the inverter welding and cutting equipment is small in size and easy to handle; The characteristics of energy conservation and high efficiency conform to national policies. Most of the interviewed user enterprises recognized that the inverter welding and cutting equipment technology meets user needs and development trends, and believed that the inverter welding and cutting equipment can save energy, electricity and facilitate field work.

Factors to consider when purchasing electric welding machine

1、 When purchasing electric welding machine products, you should go to the regular production enterprises or big shopping malls to choose and purchase, and you should choose famous brand products with high market share. Never go to a small shop to buy cheap, because the quality of welding machines there cannot be guaranteed.

2、 Before purchase, power can be used to check the operation, conversion and installation of the switches on the lower panel, whether the power indicator is on or off, whether the fan is normal, whether the power part has abnormal vibration and buzzer, whether there is abnormal smell, whether there is discoloration and other heating phenomena on the appearance, so as to ensure the quality of the welding machine and give full play to the performance of the welding machine.

3、 At the time of purchase, dealers can be required to provide product quality inspection reports or certificates. As the electric welding machine is a product with national compulsory certification, it must be confirmed whether the product has passed the "3C" certification when purchasing. It can also be inquired online.

4、 When purchasing, check whether the nameplate on the product contains the name of the manufacturer, production address, specification and model, welding current adjustment range, load duration, input voltage and current, and then determine the welding machine you want to purchase according to the work needs.

5、 When purchasing, be sure to check whether the product has grounding screws. The connection of grounding screws should be well grounded without paint. Check whether the movement is clean and the insulation is damaged to ensure safe use. If necessary, check it.

6、 If the gas shielded welding machine is to be purchased, it is also necessary to check whether the accessories are complete, whether the wire feeder is greasy, whether the rotation is stable, and whether the connecting cable matches the external insulation and whether there is damage to ensure the stability of the arc.

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