Pier Formwork Of Railway Bridge


Bridge piers and abutments are collectively called bridge piers and abutments, which are structures supporting the superstructure of railroad bridges. The bridge pier is located between adjacent bridge spans, and the abutment is located at both ends of the bridge. The back end of the abutment extends into the roadbed, and also has the role of blocking the bridge head roadbed fill and connecting the roadbed and bridge span. Bridge piers, abutments and bridge foundations are also collectively referred to as the bridge substructure. Bridge pier is mainly composed of top hat, pier body. Bridge platform mainly by the top cap, platform body composition. The role of the top cap is to bridge span support from the larger and concentrated force, dispersion and proportional transfer to the pier and platform body. Therefore, the top cap should use higher strength material construction, generally with not less than 200 grade reinforced concrete construction, and the thickness of not less than 40 cm. In addition, the top cap must also have a large plane size, for the construction of the beam and maintenance and repair to provide the necessary working surface. Pier and platform body is the main structure supporting the bridge span, not only bear all the load from the bridge span structure, but also directly bear the soil pressure, water impact, ice pressure, ship impact force and other loads, so the pier and platform body have sufficient strength, stiffness and stability. Railroad bridge domain platform has gravity pier and light pier two types.

1、Small adsorption force of formwork, easy to demould.
2、Good thermal insulation performance, conducive to the winter concrete insulation.
3、Easy to disassemble, smaller deformation, high utilization rate.
4、Reinforcement system, high strength of parts, high combined stiffness, high precision of slab making.
5、Tight joints, not easy to deformation, good integrity of the formwork, strong seismic resistance.
6、The appearance of pouring out is more perfect and the stability is relatively high.

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