Pioneer of Malaysia's WEB 3.0, MASVERSE, announces the start of angel round financing from today


Malaysia-based information technology company, MASVERSE, has secured an impressive 150 million USD in valuation post-seed funding from leading investors in the industry. Singapore-based blockchain venture capital firm, Stratified Capital, and Malaysian technology Sdn. Bhd, MEP Enviro, have recognised the potential of MASVERSE's groundbreaking WEB 3.0 blockchain ecosystem, making waves in the tech industry. With this substantial funding, MASVERSE is poised to revolutionise the world of information technology and set new standards of excellence in the field.


The company's focus on the development of the WEB 3.0 blockchain ecology has led to the creation of Malaysia's first one-stop WEB 3.0 ecosystem, which consists of 12 unique infrastructure-based pillars that offer a safe and secure network for data exchange. In just 6 months of its establishment, MASVERSE has already launched its NFT marketplace, Lab, and MGG DAO, and has plans to intensify its development efforts in 2023 with the adoption of its own chain and APP, and the expansion of its database.


MASVERSE's commitment to shaping the future of WEB 3.0 in Malaysia was solidified with its recent Memorandum of Agreement with the Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) to introduce a Micro-Credentials System for the Learn-to-Earn (L2E) project, as well as to offer Malaysia's first NFT academic certificates. This exciting partnership offers a fun and comprehensive way for learners to gain actionable insights into the world of blockchain.


With the support of lead investors Stratified Capital and MEP Enviro, as well as advisory board members Lawrence Yew from Malaysia and W Labs from Singapore, MASVERSE is poised for great success. The company's operating concept of a data exchange ecosystem in WEB 3.0 is focused on the development of reliable and full-fledged infrastructure. With its first round of funding, the ecological blockchain project is poised to be one of the main highlights of MASVERSE's journey to revolutionise the information technology industry in Southeast Asia.


Company:Masverse Limited

Contact Person: SJ KOAY



Telephone: +6174871961

City:Greater Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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