Precautions for Choosing A UV Inkjet Printer


It is a common phenomenon that there are clear brand logos, barcodes, two-dimensional codes on the product packaging in the market. Many of these information is printed by packaging UV inkjet printers. The main purpose of spray printing is to allow consumers to increase the public's recognition of the product and understand whether the product is qualified.  

It can be seen that which brand of UV inkjet printer to choose has a great influence on the printing effect of the product packaging logo and the image of the product, so how to choose a suitable UV inkjet printer?

1. Look at the specific operation of the inkjet printer.  

In the product production workshop, the users of the packaging UV inkjet printer are mainly skilled workers in the factory. Although these people use the equipment frequently for a long time, the equipment of the machine should be designed according to the efficiency of the work, which is easy to understand and easy to operate. So as to win the hearts of workers with a simple and fast operation mode, and become a truly worthwhile choice of packaging UV inkjet printers.  

2. Look at the performance of the inkjet printer.  

In the process of purchasing packaging UV inkjet printers, customers will ask which packaging UV inkjet printers have a good reputation. In fact, what really reflects the quality of packaging UV inkjet printers should be the performance of the machine, such as through the overall material of the inkjet printer, the quality of the internal parts, the durability of the nozzle, and the comprehensive after-sales service are comprehensively evaluated. If every item of this packaging UV inkjet printer meets the requirements for use, it can be further choice.    

3. Look at the printing quality of the inkjet printer.  

The printing effect of the packaging UV inkjet printer is the main indicator to determine the function of the inkjet printer. With the advancement of smart product technology, the disadvantages of the traditional floating ball viscometer to detect ink viscosity are becoming more and more obvious. Not only is the ink printing uneven, but the printing effect is also affected by the ambient temperature. Relatively speaking, packaging UV printers that use advanced time-of-flight to control ink viscosity can meet today's customer requirements.  

To sum up, in fact, as a consumer, whether a packaging UV inkjet printer is suitable for you is not an empty talk, but a real experience. It is an important part to take the product for proofing. And it is necessary to choose an after-sales service standard packaging UV inkjet printer so that there will be no worries.  


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