Rainbowgroupcoltd launches Play to earn (P2E) new way of working


Rainbowgroupcoltd to provide more than 20,000 jobs in Iraq to build a covered global online shopping platform

Rainbowgroupcoltd profile (rainbowgroup100.com) was established in 2008, headquartered in Berlin, Germany, is currently a European IOT management specialization with supeRB(Rainbowgroupcoltd) technical strength, Rainbowgroupcoltd (RB(Rainbowgroupcoltd)) platform officially entered the Iraqi market in 2020, is dedicated to the wisdom of online shopping product platform, RB(Rainbowgroupcoltd) platform has established a long-term and stable strategic partnership with many international e-commerce platforms, currently serving the four major international e-commerce companies Amazon, BestBuy, JB Hi-Fi, Kogan.

(Rainbow Group Employee Care Action:children are the future)

Due to the impact of COVID-19, more manufacturers and sellers at all levels in different countries around the world are releasing various goods on e-commerce platforms, and merchants need to use the platform provided by RB(Rainbowgroupcoltd) to improve their sales and ratings in order to promote their products faster and better, so RB(Rainbowgroupcoltd) receives numerous orders from the four major e-commerce companies to help them complete this task, and now as RB(Rainbowgroupcoltd)'s full-time staff can not complete the super large number of work tasks, so choose to recruit more part-time staff online.


(Rainbow Group Employee Care Action:children are the future)

At present, it seems that with years of technology investment, sales model innovation, Rainbowgroupcoltd has in many channels in the global scope of the successive increase in cooperation platform, in each e-commerce platform to occupy the head position, the company's performance in recent years has also achieved continuous growth. With the new stage of epidemic prevention in the future, the industry will return to its own high growth, and the leading company Rainbowgroupcoltd is expected to continue its high-speed development trend.

Rainbowgroupcoltd has set up its operation center in Iraq, and with the gradual expansion of its business, it is expected to provide 20,000 jobs in Iraq one after another, which will also boost the local economy and improve the rationing of talents for each business segment. In the future, we will set up more operation centers around the world to provide the best quality services.

Technology advantage, delivery innovation plus

Multi-platform product leadership

With the continuous improvement of the Internet infrastructure and the continuous upgrading of information technology, the global e-commerce market is developing rapidly, and merchants of all kinds of e-commerce platforms are facing the continuous growth in the number of orders and complex transactions, putting forward specialized and personalized demands for stores in marketing and promotion, transaction management and other aspects, and seeking ways to effectively improve store management efficiency. In this context, a number of enterprises providing various functions to e-commerce merchants have gradually emerged in the e-commerce service market. Through the RB(Rainbowgroupcoltd) platform to manage the products of online shopping centers, such as Amazon, BestBuy and other companies released product tasks.

Introduction of well-known platforms Revenue diversification

Four major e-commerce companies such as Amazon and BestBuy pay order promotion fees to the RB(Rainbowgroupcoltd) platform.

The RB(Rainbowgroupcoltd) platform obtains information about sales orders for products on e-commerce platforms and completes transaction tasks.

RB(Rainbowgroupcoltd) platform allocates the promotion fees received to order transaction tasks at all levels according to the corresponding work levels

Complete the work orders of the corresponding work level to earn daily commissions.

The Rainbowgroupcoltd platform actually focuses on the interests of the merchants in the platform, and the Rainbowgroupcoltd platform supports them in many ways. Through these initiatives, merchants can earn up to a higher profit, a profit share that is difficult to achieve with other platforms.


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RB(Rainbowgroupcoltd)'s core business is the promotion of products on e-commerce platforms, increasing the exposure and popularity of the partner e-commerce platforms.

RB(Rainbowgroupcoltd)'s core business is to promote the products of e-commerce platforms, increase the exposure and popularity of the partner e-commerce platforms, make more people use these e-commerce platforms to shop, and increase the sales of the products of these e-commerce platforms.

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