SPEX Trading – A safe, stable and trust-worthy digital trading platform


SPEX Trading was established in 2021. As an international exchange for global investors, SPEX headquarters are in Canada, and has set up localized trading service centers in many countries to ensure worldwide high-quality digital equity assets and provide global users with digital equity subscription, legal currency, currency and financial derivatives as well as other digital equity trading services. SPEX took three years to be developed. It used the world's top technical team for R&D, and made every effort to create a presentation exceeding everyone's expectations.



Multiple functions to ensure a safe navigation


Concerning the security, SPEX has achieved a technical breakthrough of 1.7 million orders/second of high-performance matching engine after long-term high-frequency trading and high-frequency matching tests (the matching speed limit is 2 million orders/second), becoming the world's fastest trading platform. To put the user’s mind at ease, the platform uses phone password security, real-name authentication security, Google two-factor authentication security, separation of hot and cold wallets, server SLB balance and simultaneous backup, CSLB and distributed cluster technology to ensure the safety of account transactions and funds. trade. In the third quarter of 2021, SPEX passed the HULK, XOIC, LOTC and other DDOS hacking tests and successfully avoided security issues such as fake recharge and server crashes, becoming the world's leading secure trading system.


After the online transaction, SPEX will also cooperate with the industry's top third-party service agencies to carry out market value management, operation management, and post-financing management of the project to help the project achieve rapid growth on the road of digital transformation and ensure the safety of user funds.

In addition, SPEX allows users to exchange currency equivalents on SPEX. Currency exchange is mainly for transactions between two virtual currencies. One currency is used as a unit of measurement to purchase other currencies. The currency trading rules are also based on price priority and time priority to complete matching transactions.

CFD trading, information and community are also a major feature of SPEX. As long as the assets listed on SPEX are suitable, users can trade CFDs with real-time price trends without purchasing digital assets of actual value. In this way, users can use leveraged trading to improve many digital assets. SPEX's digital asset market information will provide investors with comprehensive and timely information on various digital assets, including data analysis and display, information aggregation and project progress. It provides an interactive platform for investors through the incentive mechanism of digital assets: primary investors can consult professional investors on the platform to get answers to questions and investment guidance; professional investors can obtain digital asset incentives by answering questions and get knowledge realization. Users can create their own portfolio strategies and publish them to the community for reference for other users; users can then avoid risks and gain profits by referring and investing in other people's portfolios.


Real-time monitoring to create a digital financial ecosystem


SPEX exchange has the world's leading digital asset and blockchain active monitoring system, which can monitor the changes of global digital assets in real time. Through its unique neural network algorithm, combined with the massive daily transaction big data, it can timely discover potential risks in the digital asset world, achieve millisecond-level risk control early warning, stop trading, and ensure the safety of platform investors' funds.


In the future, SPEX will operate a hundredfold project incubator, develop the SPEX smart wallet, establish the SPEX Charity Fund and the SPEX Blockchain Big Data Investment Research Institute, develop and support more advanced and practical ecological projects, as well as contribute to the construction and development of the blockchain industry. Develop to the best of your ability. In the first quarter of 2023, SPEX is expected to be ranked among the TOP 20 trading platforms in the world.


"Blockchain Finance + Real Economy" to promote the industrialization of digital economy


At present, most digital asset trading platforms - except for mainstream digital assets, are air projects with only concepts that have not been implemented, and lack solid value support. This status quo not only damages the interests of investors, but also deviates from the actual trend of the industrialization of the digital economy.

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The SPEX exchange platform is jointly initiated by BTC and ETH participants from the early currency circle, the Wall Street quantitative trading team, as well as the US Fuyuan Fund, Singapore Federal Fund, and the Global Blockchain Alliance. The team members all have more than 7 years of financial risk control and large-scale Internet experience, and platform operation experience. Different from traditional digital asset exchanges, it is a realistic trend to promote. SPEX trading platform is based on the concept of "blockchain finance + real economy", and is committed to providing users with high-quality investment projects, without worrying about air projects, model projects, project runaways and other issues.

Among them, the types of enterprises listed on the SPEX exchange are traditional enterprises in the process of upgrading and transforming, technological innovation enterprises, and sunrise-type industries that respond to local countries and/or regions, and must meet the needs of clear financing entities, excellent business models, and industrial patterns in the next five years. Changes do not affect the survival and development of enterprises and other conditions, thus providing a safe, convenient and efficient digital asset platform for the public, creating a pure platform that is always a bull market and not afraid of selling for the digital passport economy, enriching blockchain technology and digital currency application scenarios to promote its service to business progress and social development.

With the official launch of SPEX exchange on the global market, the team will adhere to the corporate values of professionalism, efficiency and win-win for global enterprises to consolidate the bridge between traditional industries and the digital world, and provide digital financial services to more cross-country and cross-regional users on a global scale. At the same time, under the leadership of the token economy and the community economy, SPEX will link the future and join hands with global users and enterprises to create an unprecedented new era of navigation in the field of digital finance.

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