The kernel of the Star Trek metaverse is finance


2021-11-23 19:35:10.817000

In the past six months, NFT, the concept of meta-universe, has opened up a vast imagination for blockchain. With Facebook renamed Meta, investors are increasingly curious about what the future meta-universe will actually look like.

Before, there was the listing of the gaming platform Roblox on the New York Stock Exchange, where the share price rose 54% on the day of listing and the market value exceeded US$40 billion, and then there was Zuckerberg's announcement that the company would transform into a meta-universe company within five years, leading Microsoft, Byte Jump, Tencent and others to also enter the market. Games and social, became the two driving forces behind the meta-universe concept.

Roblox has built its initial business model by introducing Robux, a virtual token that can be used to buy avatars and special skills in its works, which players can buy directly in fiat currency or by creating games, among other things. Workrooms , which users can directly download and enter into a VR environment to hold or participate in meetings, has become a demonstration of social working, but the bigger game Meta is playing is to allow for greater application scenarios for the digital currency Libra in the future. So the game of the metaverse is ultimately a game of finance, and it is at this point that Star Trek was born.

Star Trek is a virtual metaverse world that allows users to create, experience and monetise content and earn passive income through NFT non-homogenised tokens. star trek uses technology to build a digital world, an immersive financial platform where users can engage in cultural, social, entertainment and financial activities. At the heart of the metaverse lies the hosting of virtual assets and virtual identities that will be traded on the Star Trek platform in a deflationary manner in Star Trek Token (ST) as well as NFTs that can generate income.

Everything about the metaverse concept is dedicated to decentralised finance and the transfer of real assets to the virtual world. Star Trek connects virtual digital assets with real assets through technology that ensures the authenticity and consistency of on-chain digital assets with off-chain real assets and on-chain IDs with real identities.

Star Trek hopes to become a bridge between the metaverse and the real world, connecting virtual and real, inbound and outbound assets into a unified whole, thus breaking down the barriers between imagination and reality.

The Star Trek metaverse platform relies on blockchain technology and the Defi decentralised financial protocol as its design principles, and through sophisticated logical design, nine mechanisms have been identified.

1、 Purchase limit, in order to effectively prevent the birth of whales, the maximum single purchase limit is 5 million tokens.

2. Floating rates, an innovative and stable balancing mechanism that determines the fee rate according to the health of liquidity.

3. Static rewards, encouraging holders to hold their tokens for a higher rebate.

4. Auto LP, both buying and selling are 10%-30% floating fees, of which 3%-11% goes to auto LP back to the liquidity pool and locked in permanently, punishing speculation and everything to guarantee liquidity.

5. Prevention of tax avoidance, to avoid private transfers and private liquidity pools, transfers other than those bought and sold in Pancake are also considered as sales and transfer fees are charged, with a variable transfer fee.

6. Fomo Bonus Pool, 1%-5% of any transfer will be added to the Fomo Bonus Pool contract account on an ongoing basis. If no tokens are purchased within 4 hours, 50% of the Fomo bonus pool will be awarded to the last token purchaser (minimum 10,000 ST is considered valid).

7、 Manual destruction, in order to better utilize the USDT in the bonus pool, when the trigger conditions are met (e.g. token price is too low, too much deposit in the bonus pool), the contract function will be manually called to trigger 50% of the USDT to be used to buy back and destroy the tokens (the contract code can only be used to buy back and destroy), and the whole network will be publicized.

8. To prevent smashing, community operators should not hold tokens, and selling them in large quantities would defeat the original purpose of ST's decentralized design. Therefore, there is no team allocation and any 2% transfer fee will be automatically transferred to the community operator.

9. Security mechanism, ST has strict security risk control, including black hole address, pre-sale rules, etc. All fund circulation and return are automatically executed by smart contract without human intervention, issuing security audit report , and published on the whole network.

Star Trek's ecological pass is ST, a community-driven, fair issue MeMe token, no team allocation, 100% decentralized pool of funds, truly decentralized circulation, distributed finance, all rules are on the chain and can never be tampered with.

Star Trek should have scenarios such as NFT ecology, meta-universe economy, ST swap, ST SDK, etc. What Star Trek does is not a simple mapping of traditional finance, but to build a DeFi protocol that redistributes wealth to the impatient, which will transfer money to the rich and patient.

Star Trek builds a meta-universe financial platform, ST is a fair issue DeFi token, what he will bring is a more immersive and engaging meta-universe financial world, ST will be the fastest gateway to this meta-universe and means unlimited business opportunities and possibilities.




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