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F3 is a distributed cloud storage platform. Using blockchain technology, F3 has harnessed the world's underutilized hard disk capacity to create a data storage market that is more powerful and affordable than traditional cloud storage providers. Allows you to make money by renting the extra space on your hard drive to other users.



Advantages of the F3 project

The F3 network consists primarily of independent data storage miners, retrieval miners, and storage service customers that employ miners. As a distributed data storage network, F3 is not only the storage layer of IPFS, but also the excitation layer of IPFS protocol. IPFS is the application layer of the whole system, and the two protocols share multiple functional modules.

IPFS mainly benchmarks the HTTP protocol and is intended to act as a storage layer for Web 3.0 and establish a new Internet architecture.

The biggest advantage of IPFS lies in the unified storage and distribution of public active files, which not only saves storage space and bandwidth, but also provides a stable and high-speed distribution channel. Based on the many advantages of IPFS, it is likely to initiate a revolution in the underlying technology of network communication in the future and replace HTTP as the basic protocol of the network.

Files are stored and shared directly on the chain.


Based on IPFS protocol, F3 builds a decentralized storage trading market for cloud storage, including two markets of "storage" and "retrieval".

1. Search the market

Retrieving miners is rewarded with a small F3 fee. This gives nodes at critical locations an incentive to join the network and facilitates rapid distribution of files. It also encourages the establishment of a robust network to copy and save urgently needed documents.

2. Storage market

In the storage market of F3, customers pay F3 to store and read data, and storage miners get F3 by providing storage services.

F3 security

1. Safety level -- disaster preparedness level. Full backup of data can be done at the same time to ensure the safety of data

2. The transaction is completed, the user sends the data, and the node stores the data. Node participants must prove that they stored the data correctly to earn F3 rewards. Network by cryptography proof to verify the data will be stored securely, node participants through the new city shall prove their store to submit to the network, and validate new blocks from the network, only the right blocks can be accepted, participants can get deal over time node storage costs, and have access to the block.

3. F3 networks store data and content in all corners of the world, creating hyper-local and efficient storage methods that can finally get rid of the limitations of large-scale centralized storage and geographical location

4. Software and hardware with independent intellectual property rights


Coin overview and distribution

F3 uses a zero-pre-dig launch mechanism to prevent unscrupulous developers from selling to cash in large numbers, which could lead to huge losses for miners and investors.

Maximum supply: 450 million

Current supply: 0

Distribution: 0


Project link

FFF Open Beta website: http://www.ipfs.style

Idle computing force distribution platform of the edge equipment in the space network




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