PT Public Links comes up with the strongest solution on the ground to defeat DAPP


Undisputedly, DEFI (Decentralized Finance) is the biggest hotspot in the blockchain space this year. Credit, lending, mining and other kinds of DEFI projects have emerged, and countless capital is trying to divide this super blue ocean of tens of billions of market capitalization and over trillions of valuations. In fact, the competition of DAPP track represented by DEFI looks like a competition of concept, rule design, economic model and ecological rules, but in fact the underlying infrastructure behind it is still a performance contest of public chain.

Almost all of the DEFI projects are now piling up on the ethereum chain, and despite the heavy congestion, high fees, and development limitations of ethereum, the market is still not able to stop the enthusiasm for DEFI. In August, the highest daily fee on the ethereum chain accounted for half of the mining rewards on the main network, and the transfer fee of one ETH was set at an astronomical price in order to avoid network congestion.

The performance limitation of public chain makes the DAPP development team including DEFI suffer a lot, but besides Ethernet, the current public chain including EOS and wavefield has lower adaptability to DAPP, and the ecological support is not as perfect as Ethernet, so the development team is also looking forward to a public chain with better performance.

PT public chain is called PowerToken, the R&D center of PT chain is located in Silicon Valley, USA, which has gathered a large number of top computer, cryptography, blockchain professional research talents, aiming to build a new generation of super public chain with high speed (high TPS), high security and strong scalability.


Higher and faster technology for a better user experience

Higher: In order to solve the problem of distributed network congestion, PT technical team abandoned the conventional POW consensus algorithm and introduced the most advanced PALA consensus, which adopts the "no authorization" data validation method and improves the data throughput capacity of PT chains dozens of times.

Faster: V God plans to introduce slicing in the major iteration of Ethereum 2.0 to improve the block-out speed of Ethereum, while PT public chain is the first to put slicing on the ground, slicing technology enables the PT public chain to achieve a millisecond block-out speed.

Through the comprehensive innovation in technology, PT public chain surpasses the existing mainstream public chain facilities in the market in terms of user experience, and the high-speed, smooth and low-cost experience will open up a broader market for DAPP.


Wider, lighter development environment to attack the DAPP windfall comprehensively

For the majority of DAPP developers, good user experience is the core link of the later product presentation, but in the early stages of development, whether there is friendly, computer language compatibility, and good configuration is the focus.PT public chain also has excellent performance in the developer environment, after all, the technical team is basically from the development, itself for the development environment is extremely important.

More lenient: The PT chain adopts a proactive attitude towards cross-chain compatibility, encouraging different public chain ecosystems to access the PT so that value can flow more freely. The underlying PT code is also optimized for compatibility with Ethernet virtual machines (EVMs), reducing the cost of PT chain migration for Ethernet ecosystem developers and enabling the rapid adoption of DAPP. The loose compatibility environment means that the migration cost for DEFI projects is extremely low, and for existing projects only the corresponding optimizations are needed without having to redevelop them again.

In addition, PT full open source to share the technology to the public, the establishment of the Forerunner Alliance, aimed at supporting developers to jointly develop consensus, cross-chain technology to improve the closure of the blockchain, to achieve the full flow of DEFI.

The PT chain is designed with the developers' needs in mind, and aims to provide a better and more diversified development environment, and there are many fixed patterns of DAPP that can be found in the PT chain, allowing developers to complete the project construction more quickly. DAPP Function. In the current DEFI hotspot economy, time has become the most critical dimension, PT strives to minimize the time cost of project migration and development, and help DEFI development teams to fully attack and seize the new windfall of DEFI.

PT will do its best to create a number of phenomenal DAPPs including DEFIs and become a public chain with practical value before DAPPs become commonplace.

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