MPC World Premiere on November 22, 2021


MPC was initiated by Dr. Ahmed from Malaysia and funded by Malaysia Airlines. Mpc's mission is to become a global project. The main members of our team come from all over the world, including Malaysia, Russia, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea and Singapore. Many of them are students of Ahmed and are now Fortune 500 entrepreneurs. MPC is a financial center with mature financial and technological infrastructure. MPC belongs to people all over the world. It does not belong to any country or institution. 

Our initial goal was to create opportunities for the lower class and establish a century-old goal where everyone is a shareholder.

The MPC public chain is based on a specific distributed PoW+PoS consensus algorithm for mining. It has an independent block explorer. Each block, user transactions, transaction fees, miners, and everyone’s data are all in the chain. It is found on the website, open, transparent, and no one can tamper with it;

MPC public chain is a new generation blockchain network with cross-chain payment functions and DeFi (decentralized finance). It is the future decentralized financial platform. It also has NFT, meta universe, games, cross-chain exchange, lending, Wallet and payment functions, and realize storage, growth and transfer of your MPC balance. 

The mission of MPC is to become a global project and one of the largest one-stop decentralized financial platforms in the world. The core goal is to rebuild the financial world in a decentralized manner through social forces. In the future, it will be launched on major global exchanges;

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