What kind of potential does Tudou Manor hold behind the meta-universe chain tour of playing and earning at the same time?


From the "Free to Play" mode of traditional games to the "Play to Earn" mode of chain games, the game industry has undergone great changes. Especially since June 2021, the chain game has been enriching the game ecology with various innovative gameplay methods, and with the meta-universe in full swing, the chain game has once again become a hot track in the crypto market. It is expected to create a new blue ocean market in the global competitive cellular tour market", so what is the fascinating thing about such a hot project?

A, the platform is strong, the project party background is strong

In fact, the early and very early development route of the industry still depends on the developers and builders. User demand can only serve as the trigger to start this field, but not as the most competent contributor to long-term development, just like Apple is the key figure that opened the smartphone and mobile Internet era.

Therefore the direction of these developers and builders' efforts largely represents the direction of the industry's development.

After five years of technical accumulation and three upgrades and revisions, Tudou Manor was initiated and built by Oasis Blockchain Game Studio, a member of GBGA Global Blockchain Alliance.

With the perspective of the developers and builders, we can see some more realistic information. For example, the Oasis team believes that we need to do the most efficient thing now and solve the most practical problems - let the users inside and outside the coin circle "play" first, "field" is lively, and then gradually do the core improvement. This is the underlying logic of the first Tudou Manor game product, which is to say no to the kryptonite method that has been criticized by players through the Play to Earn model, and to create an NFT game that is truly owned and operated by the user community through a new economic and governance model.

Second, the game itself is well-made and highly playable

As a breakthrough in the meta-universe track, the quality of chain games often determines the development ceiling of meta-universe projects. Looking at the whole new meta-universe game segment, over-strong financial attributes, insufficient playability and simple game mechanics settings are important defects of meta-universe games, and with limited game quality, players come more for the rewards and do not pay attention to the gameplay itself. Developers are also eager to catch up with the meta-universe craze, neglecting the development and exploration standards of the game itself, leading to the emergence of a large number of games with short life cycles.

Based on this market environment, the Oasis team began to focus on the business model of the metaverse game track itself. In order to make the game ecology richer, the team built seven business ecosystems in the game design scene, such as planting, consumption, investment, trading, entertainment, friendship, education, etc. Each game ecological segment is comparable to similar large independent games, and in these ecological scenes, players can sell products, learn knowledge, make friends and show their skills through the C2C supply and demand model in the game design scene according to their own specialties and In these ecological scenarios, players can sell products, learn knowledge, make friends and show their skills through the C2C supply and demand model in money shops, stores, schools, clubs and arenas, so that they can not only earn more potato coins PTC income, but also gain friendships and form teams, and have the opportunity to become a big shot and gain a lot of fan admiration, thus realizing the asset value protection system built on player assets based on applications.

Three, play while earning, surprise constantly

Potato Manor game rules are designed to be interesting and the game scene is magnificent and entertaining. Potato farm is the entrance and foundation of the whole game, and it is also the place where players produce potatoes and realize potato redistribution. After purchasing the land, players will have their own potato manor, produce potatoes through fertilization, harvest potato coins PTC, players can enjoy the joy of harvesting every day, more interestingly, in the process of the game, players also have the opportunity to get rare lucky box.

The Lucky Box will contain up to eight kinds of NFT assets, and the Feng Shen rare varieties are the game's buggy surprise design. In addition to the corresponding grammatical Feng Shen characters that can be suppressed, they can loot and plunder and amass wealth as they wish. Even if the magical one happens to be captured by a god-feudal character, it does not participate in the destruction mechanism, but the ownership and dominion belongs to the new owner, and these rare characters also support resale on the chain NFT exchange.

In this wave of meta-universe chain tour development, for the potential of the potato manor, currently see a very confident prognosis, corresponding to the probability that the potato manor will not fail the market trust.

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