Pixel War Games Project release


Welcome to pixel war games. Members of the project team are committed to technology R & D and transparent governance of the project. Community service and card construction will promote the long-term and stable development of pixel war exchange meta universe project. Team members are elites in the industry. The resumes of the main members are as follows

Socedo is a big data company. It was founded to provide market war for the world's top 500 enterprises. It has an MBA from Harvard Business School and worked in FunBox and undev

Service. Social media's B2B marketing platform works directly with volt Mobi. For most of his career

Connected to mico soft, Google, salesforce, etc.

As a member of the former Microsoft headquarters, they are engaged in project promotion related to the Asian market, and are good at marketing, product promotion and business

Enterprise, media procurement, social network, RTB business relationship and new media operation planning. Exposure ratio in 2011

Spencer stew art CEO has rich experience in developing and marketing programs for social media. Coo Steve hikida has deep understanding and insight into the market of overseas blockchain projects.

Limited edition Genesis NFT release (10000 blind boxes in the first phase) 10u opened and finished the open transaction.

Steps: any wallet ~ select coin safety chain ~ find ~ search DAPP, add a website, open the official website, and click rush purchase!

Official website: https://nftgames.plus

Telegram: https://t.me/pixelwargame1



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