DEX circuit continues to increase in value, and etndex starts the profiteering engine  


The development of DEX has become a common practice. Its main feature is that most exchanges that provide trading and exchange services are accepted and loved by more people.The emergence of ETN once again makes DEX track a new hot spot and attracts more attention. ETN is trying to break through the mainstream position of DEX through a more comprehensive layout.This article will take you to experience the innovation of etndex and how etndex will integrate the unique advantages of various basic public chains to create a high-performance composite DEX ecosystem.

1、 About ETN decentralized exchange

ETN decentralized exchange will create a decentralized platform that can provide an alternative central financial system that can be used equally all over the world, allowing the rapid, easy and safe transfer of liquidity between various networks. It is also the first cross chain decentralized exchange based on the extended utxo model.

The vision of ETN decentralized exchange is to enable anyone to effectively use their capital to exchange assets, provide liquidity and earn income through an easy-to-use interface, and become the core "money LEGO", so as to achieve this vision.

ETN's service products include decentralized OTC platform, liquidity mining, revenue aggregator, transaction aggregation, Multi Chain Wallet, quantitative transaction, meta universe chain tour and other applications to meet a variety of value application scenarios at different levels of users and realize a safe, open, free, equal, jointly constructed and shared ETN ecological value system that everyone can participate in.Users holding ETN platform pass can also become members of Dao board of directors and participate in Dao governance.

2、 ETN is the popular defi20 decentralized exchange

DeFi2.0 is characterized by high efficiency, cross chain and aggregation transactions, and it is obvious that ETN is currently more in line with defi20 concept financial agreement product, efi2 of ETN0 attribute is reflected in these aspects, which are more efficient, more complex and more integrated!

Efficiency:Layer 2 is equivalent to changing from a muddy road to a flat and vertical highway. The TPS data is improved by expanding the network layer, so that users' transactions are not limited to the congestion of Ethereum network. ETN uses layer 2 expansion engine starkex to improve users' transaction efficiency and improve users' capital utilization,Therefore, we have done very well in reducing slip points and impermanence losses!

Complex aspects:Based on the composability of defi, etndex can seamlessly connect with Oracle, synthetic assets, layer 2 and other fields. For example, etndex uses chianlink's Oracle network solution to connect smart contracts with real-world data.Multiple Oracle machines are used to integrate data collected from multiple sources to provide reputation guarantee for etndex's mobile pool price.At the same time, etndex uses layer 2 technology to improve transaction efficiency through this solution.All these reflect the complexity of etndex in composition, and more technologies and solutions will be incorporated into etndex in the future!

Integration:Firstly, etndex promotes the efficient exchange of assets on different chains. Based on the realization, etndex can build cross chain bridges on different chains, so that users can safely carry out token or data exchange operations between different chains. In addition, etndex has added the function of aggregate liquidity, allowing users to save costs when making large transactions in low liquidity pools,Through the optimization algorithm, the transactions are dispersed into the same flow pool of transaction pairs to avoid high sliding points, provide users with services to optimize prices and improve income methods, and aggregate the liquidity of other exchanges to provide users with more transparent transaction prices!

3、 ETN decentralized exchange makes users closely linked

At defi1In 0, not all projects will take liquidity incentive as the starting point to bind the incentive relationship of users in future transactions, although liquidity mining is in defi10 is very common, but this is not the only one, and in defi20, this situation will be broken because defi20 will have more liquidity incentives. At present, etndex's liquidity mining is a way to connect users and bind users. Through the liquidity incentives given by the platform, etndex users will be bound to participate in liquidity income and other projects developed by the platform for a long time.

In addition, the existence of stacking mode is also promoting users to pledge their ETN assets to obtain more pledge income. Dao governance mode is also helping etndex users obtain great autonomous management authority. Users and users can realize self-management of the community,There are also innovative play modes such as asset mortgage and pledge equity mining, which are increasing the close relationship between etndex users! 

ETN decentralized exchange has gained the love of a large number of users in a very short time. There is no doubt that ETN has become the strongest challenger in the DEX field.Etndex's friendly UI and rich information interface and product functions make it easy for many small white users and capital players.

At the same time, etndex provides more friendly trading experience and more thoughtful mobile mining services.Looking at the whole defi track, it is a leap forward innovation.Decentralized cross chain bridge to realize ten thousand chain exchange transactions. Etndex will be the largest and most complete decentralized exchange dark horse in the next industry. 

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