FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker: 2022 Black Friday Shopping Guide



People are approaching the end of the year, meaning that there will be plenty of discounts and deals from online stores like Amazon. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas holidays are the best time for all shoppers to get some great deals to buy gifts from their loved ones. Looking for a perfect gift idea for this year's holidays?

Ice Maker is a great and unique gift idea people can give to friends and family during the holiday, and FREE VILLAGE is one of the best ice maker brands people can find in the market today.

Best Features of FREE VILLAGE Ice Maker Machines

FREE VILLAGE offers various ice maker machine models for different target markets. However, each of their ice maker machines offers the same high-quality standards.

Here are some best features of FREE VILLAGE ice maker machines:

  • Fast ice-making time. Most ice maker machine products from FREE VILLAGE will allow you to make ice fast. No need to wait for too long just to get your ice cubes ready.
  • Portability and simplicity. Ice makers from FREE VILLAGE also have a portability factor in their design, allowing you to carry the ice maker equipment anywhere with no hassles. Also, these products are always simple to operate.
  • Low noise. All ice maker products from FREE VILLAGE also offer low and quiet fan noise, so you don't need to worry about disrupting your family members when you are making ice at night.
  • Warranty. FREE VILLAGE offers a 1-year standard warranty for all their ice maker products.

FREE VILLAGE Countertop Portable Ice Maker Machine with 6-Minute Ice Making


This ice maker machine is great for quick ice making, as it will only require you to wait 6 minutes for the ice-making process to complete. Also, you can make 26.5 pounds of ice in 24 hours with this ice machine, with a bullet-shaped ice design.



  • Fast 6-minute ice making. You can use this FREE VILLAGE ice maker machine to make ice in just 6 minutes with no hassles.
  • Portable handle. With its portable handle, you can carry this ice maker machine all around the house and anywhere you need. It's very useful in a party setting.
  • Bullet ice cubes. You can make bullet ice cubes with this ice maker machine, allowing you to lower the temperature of your drinks fast.
  • Silent fan. The silent fan in this FREE VILLAGE ice maker machine will allow you to make ice with no annoying noises.
  • Simple and smart operation. You can operate this machine in simple ways, as you just need to add water to the machine and start the ice-making process. This ice maker machine will also remind you when the basket is full or when you need to fill up more water.


FREE VILLAGE Portable Countertop Ice Maker with Auto Self-Cleaning


This is another alternative ice maker machine you can get for your Black Friday gift idea. This machine allows you to make ice in 13 minutes, and it also has a water recycling system in place. The digital display will allow you to monitor the ice making progress, and you can make around 40 pounds of ice every 24 hours. Also, it has an efficient and quiet cooling system in place, with the auto self-cleaning mechanism.



These ice maker machines are an excellent gift idea you can get during the Black Friday sales. So, grab the latest deals on Black Friday FREE VILLAGE portable ice maker machine and make it a special gift for your friends and family.

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