FastData Released the First TikTok Ecological Industry Report


On September 16, the 2022 Global Short Video Summit hosted by FastData came to a successful conclusion. At the summit, many entrepreneurs from the forefront of TikTok's business ecology shared a lot of contents and insights. Meanwhile the TikTok Ecological Sky Eye Award for the first half of FastData was given at the summit. Yuguo, Baijing, Morketing, TK Growth Conference, Chuhaibiji, Kuajing123, Winit, 36 Kr Tech Planet and other media broadcast the summit synchronously throughout the whole process, attracting wide attention.


It is reported that this Sky Eye Award involves seven categories, including the most influential person in TikTok's ecology, the best marketing service organization, the outstanding founder award, the best outbound brand, the best MCN organization, the best TSP organization and the best ecological service provider. A total of 42 enterprises and individuals have won awards.


During the summit, Shi Wenlu, founder of FastData, shared some insight data in the first industry development report of TikTok ecology from FastData Research Institute, which was also highly expected. On September 21, the Report on TikTok Eco-development and Global Ecological Layout of Short Video in the First Half of 2022 (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") was officially released.


The report was jointly issued by FastData Research Institute, United Nations Securities Research Institute and Morketing Research Institute. From the perspective of data, the report, based on FastData data analysis tool, comprehensively interpreted TikTok's full ecological development and global short video layout in the first half of 2022 through the comprehensive monitoring and analysis of TikTok platform's full closed-loop e-commerce data, as well as the insight research of Sealand Securities Research Institute and Morketing Research Institute on the industry ecology, combined with in-depth interviews with many senior industry practitioners. It provides an intuitive, objective and comprehensive window for short video industry participants to observe TikTok ecology and the development of the global short video market.


The report includes six main parts, namely, the overview of the global short video industry landscape in the first half of 2022, and the observation and analysis of TikTok ecological e-commerce, creator, live streaming, advertising and service providers in the first half of 2022.

e756b9489943b4d053500bf84c5fc3bWith regard to the overall development of the short video industry, the report points out that at present, the main players in the global short video field are TikTok, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Kwai, JOYY, etc.


According to the report, the global short video market will usher in an outbreak period, and the scale of the whole ecological market, including e-commerce and advertising, will exceed trillion dollars in five years. After the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, there was a concentrated outbreak of the overseas short video consumption market, and overseas giants have also accelerated their entry into the short video market. Among many short video applications, TikTok took the lead in achieving explosion, becoming the leader of industry development, and the commercialization process continues to accelerate.


In terms of TikTok e-commerce, the report points out that the GMV (Gross Merchandise Volume) of TikTok e-commerce in the first half of 2022 has exceeded US $1 billion, which is equivalent to the volume of the whole year in 2021. Since the TikTok Shop in Britain and Indonesia opened in April 2021, the Southeast Asian market has opened TikTok Shop in Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Singapore from April to June 2022. The report believes that TikTok Shop will be launched in more countries in the future, covering the whole world.


On the basis of analyzing the overall situation of TikTok e-commerce, the report has conducted further analyses from the dimensions of TikTok commodity sales, commodity categories, and TikTok e-commerce in major global regional markets. For example, from the perspective of commodity sales, TikTok's commodity sales in the first half of 2022 are mainly contributed by the Indonesian market, and the Philippines is in the forefront of new markets in Southeast Asia. From the perspective of commodity category, in the first half of 2022, the most popular commodity category of TikTok in the world is cosmetics and personal care. In the Indonesian market of TikTok, jewelry has become the category with the highest customer price.

In terms of TikTok creators, the report analyzes the overall data and finds that TikTok creators are mainly distributed in the United States and Indonesia. The report made a multi-dimensional analysis of the American market with the largest number of creators distribution, including the classification of creators, the followers growth of creators, and the portraits of popular creators. The research results show that in the first half of 2022, the majority of TikTok creators with a blue verified badge in the United States are media/entertainment, and the majority of ordinary creators are public figures.

In terms of TikTok live streaming, the report points out that the number of TikTok global e-commerce live streaming has shown a steady growth trend. From the perspective of market distribution, at present, TikTok live streaming e-commerce is mainly concentrated in Indonesia and Vietnam, with Indonesia accounting for the highest proportion. At the same time, the report also released the ranking list of TikTok e-commerce live streamer by sales volume, and made a multi-dimensional observation of the data of the top TikTok e-commerce live streamer.

In addition, the report also analyzes TikTok service providers and TikTok advertising ecology. It is found through analysis that TikTok service provider ecology is being improved at an accelerated pace, mainly including cross-border MCN, cross-border TSP, cross-border creator scout, cross-border TSD, etc. Players enter MCN and TSP fields relatively frequently. The report sorts out some very influential MCN and TSP brands in the current market, including Make Wonder MCN, YOWANT,PONGO, HiGOOD, Haitu Technology, etc. In terms of advertising marketing, the report points out that at present, the overseas advertising marketing market is still dominated by Google, Facebook, Instagram and other delivery channels, but at the same time, the share of video channels is also gradually increasing, with TikTok being the best. From TikTok's own point of view, as a very core part of its ecology, the advertising ARPU in recent two years is only close to the level of Facebook in 2013, and the future growth space of this business is very promising.


The report also points out that TikTok's advertising business will enter a stage of rapid growth in the future. In 2022, the advertising revenue is expected to be about $13.0-15 billion, and in 2023, it is expected to reach $50 billion. Finally, the report points out that with the advent of the era of short video globalization, overseas operation of short video business will definitely set off a huge wave in the next two years. As one of the core components of the current short video ecosystem worldwide, TikTok has already demonstrated its influence on the development of the entire industry and huge commercial value, and the visionary has also begun to enter. However, in the face of the huge, unfamiliar and complex global market, accurate layout is a challenge for all players in the short video ecosystem, and big data may be an important step in this regard. At the same time, the report also shows that FastData Research Institute, as a professional research institution established by FastData, which is deeply engaged in the short video live streaming industry, will continue to output industry data insight reports, industry ecological analysis reports, industry trends and trend observation reports in the future.

FastData, which provides big data analysis services for TT platform currently, is committed to becoming an excellent and ultimate data analysis tool in the era of short video live broadcast.


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