O-ANT created the world's first Web3.0 new commercial civilization ecosystem, which was launched globally in February


O-ANT is the world's first diversified ecological platform of metaverse + Web3.0 + artificial intelligence + NFT + DeFi + big data + digital economy. With the thinking of metaverse, O-ANT integrates artificial intelligence and robots through blockchain technology. , MCN institutions and other enterprise data elements industrialization, combined with Metaverse, artificial intelligence, robotics research institutions, Web3.0 field companies, industry opinion leaders, etc., to launch NFT that empowers entity innovation. The working partners of O-ANT have participated in the establishment of a number of artificial intelligence robots, metaverse companies, with a total market value of tens of billions. Hope to lead the enterprise to explore the digital transformation of the metaverse, build leading artificial intelligence for customers, apply in the direction of the metaverse, provide complete services such as products, design, content, technology, and innovation scenarios, accelerate the rapid globalization of enterprises, and provide global high-tech Contribute to the development of industrial digitalization. Committed to providing one-stop smart business solutions for the digital transformation and upgrading of global metaverse enterprises, O-ANT will practice Web3.0 decentralization, using councils and professional committees similar to the DAO community to manage daily affairs. Jointly build a Web3.0 new commercial civilization ecosystem.

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