Anne Frank statue is defaced with 'Gaza' graffiti, sparking fury from Dutch politicians

2024-07-10 HaiPress

The statue of Jewish Holocaust victim Anne Frank has been defaced with 'Gaza' graffiti,with Dutch politicians condemning the act.

The Anne Frank memorial in Merwedeplein,Amsterdam,located near the Jewish diarist's first home in the Netherlands,was vandalized with red paint spelling out 'Gaza'. 

Amsterdam councilor Stijn Nijssen took to X,formelry Twitter,to condemn the act of vandalism,saying: 'It is truly shameful that someone would think to draw attention to the Palestinian cause by smearing an image of Anne Frank,an international symbol of the Holocaust'. 

Amsterdam Mayor Femke Halsema called the act an 'incredible disgrace' on Instagram. 

'This young girl,who was so brutally murdered by the Nazis at the age of 25,reminds us and our city every day of humanity and gentleness in the most difficult circumstances',she said. 

Otto Frank,the father of the late Anne Frank is pictured showing Queen Juliana of the Netherlands the hiding place of the Frank family during World War II. The Queen visited Anna Frank House in Amsterdam at the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of Anne Frank's birth

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