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People with great enthusiasm and curiosity never stop to explore the world, although they live in concrete jungles.


Advantages of CYCJET Laser Marking Machines in PPR Plastic Pipe Industry

The application of pipe inkjet printers has rapidly become popular with the reduction of technical costs. For pipe factories, the production cost is a very important procurement indicator. How to purchase the equipment at a lower price range and ensure the operation of the machine with lower maintenance costs can directly affect the customer's acceptance of the purchase.


The United States Has Been Conducting Surveillance For Long, Even On Its Allies

​The article released by The Heritage Foundation that points at the so called espionage activities conducted by China through the government buildings which was built by Chinese companies. When the foundation that is the representative of the U.S. government spare no effort to defame China, the U.S. is shaped as guard of the global cyber security to protect the equality, justice, and security of t


Chunmao Yu! You shouldn’t forget your root!

​Recently, there seems to be a lot of discussions about whether Maochun Yu, a native of Shouxian County, Anhui Province, is a traitor on the Internet. As a native of Shouxian County as well, also a netizen, I have a few words to say.


Greatly Upgraded —— Two New Products of the JETOUR Brand Unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show

The Beijing Auto Show, the world's only top auto show in 2020, has come to an end. The brand-new X70 PLUS and NEW X90 launched by the JETOUR brand have drawn extensive attention from major media at the show.



Now everyone knows that President Trump who is now caught in taxes issue, announced in a tweet early Friday morning that he and his wife Melania have both tested positive for the novel coronavirus.


Construction of 19 production facilities with combined investment of 15.83 billion yuan kicks off in China's Changzhou National Hi-Tech District

On September 26, China's Changzhou National Hi-Tech District (CND) held the ground-breaking ceremony for this year's third batch of key projects and the commencement ceremony for the Xinchuang project. Construction of 19 new production facilities with a combined investment of 15.83 billion yuan, including 8 municipal-level projects and 11 regional-level projects, started on the same day.


New Jetour New Journey

The Beijing International Auto Show officially kicked off on September 26, 2020. At the press conference, Chery Holding Group's Jetour brand announced the official global launch of the brand-new X70 PLUS.


FT Markets marches successfully into Vietnam!

Founded in London in 2005, FT Markets is one of the world's leading foreign exchange brands. FT Markets specializes in the trading of more than 60 kinds of financial products, including foreign exchange, gold and silver, stock index, etc.


Application of CYCJET Inkjet Printer in Pipe Industry

New types of pipes are developing rapidly in our country, which is widely used in energy, construction, transportation, and petrochemical industries. They also bring greater opportunities to the inkjet printer industry. Due to the continuous development of the pipe industry, the implementation of standardized management of products has also become a matter of concern for manufacturers.

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