The Application of AI in Electronic Scheme Design


Global Times: ‘The rule of law says that the islands are Chinese’

The recent tensions between China and the Philippines have been flared up by the Philippines to make illegal claims over South China Sea islands and maritime rights. Nonetheless, a book written by Anthony Carty (Carty), an Irish professor of international law and now a visiting professor at the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences of Peking University, shows China's indisputable sovereignty in the South China Sea. In an interview with the Global Times (GT) reporter Wang Wenwen, Professor Carty explained how the official British and French archives he had dug into back China's claims and


Global Times: ASEAN does not need a spokesperson to represent external power

The escalation of the China-Philippine tensions raises concerns among their neighboring countries in the South China Sea. How will the Philippines' provocations, instigated and supported by the US, affect the situation in the South China Sea in 2024? How do other ASEAN member countries perceive the South China Sea tensions? Why do they hope that the situation will be contained? 


Winning recognition! NatureSpan stand out in the WholeFoods 2024 Natural Choice Awards


Xiamen Nawang Technology Co.,LTD invited to attend the 2024 China-Africa Internet Development and Cooperation Forum to promote the development of the digital economy in China and Africa

On April 2, the 2024 China-Africa Internet Development and Cooperation Forum with the theme of "Building Digital Innovation Partnership and Sharing a Bright Future of Digital Cooperation" was held in Xiamen.The leader of CAC attended the opening ceremony and delivered a keynote speech. Secretary of the Fujian Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.


Unicorn Founder Creates Dola AI, a Cutting Edge AI Assistant

Prepare for the revolution of the personal assistant experience with Dola AI, a groundbreaking AI assistant powered by GPT-4. Created by a talented team with the track record of founding, building, and successfully selling a 10 billion dollar unicorn, Dola AI distinguishes itself by offering cutting edge technology that provides unparalleled organization capabilities with minimal user effort.


ZIOPTO Innovation: Pioneering Global Cryptocurrency Trading with Technological Innovation

In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital finance, ZIOPTO continuously breaks through technological boundaries, establishing itself as a leader in global cryptocurrency trading through its disruptive technological innovations.


Empowering a Smarter and Greener Home: Midea Unveils MHELIOS New Product at Solar Solutions Amsterdam 2024

As a principal sponsor of Solar Solutions Amsterdam 2024, Midea, a renowned global provider of home appliances and HVAC solutions, unveils its pioneering smart energy management solution, MHELIOS. This system represents a pivotal advancement in home energy management, in accordance with European quality benchmarks and renewable energy directives, amidst prevailing trends including climate change concerns, energy preservation and force majeure in energy issues.


Fun Spades: Bridging Tradition and Innovation, A Journey Through Card Game Excellence

Fun Spades rose as one of the leading forces in digital card gaming. With over millions of thousands of downloads, the app bridges tradition and innovation, offering diverse game modes, sleek interface, and social features. It celebrates the rich heritage of Spades while embracing modernity through updates and events. Looking ahead to 2024, the app's development team is gearing up for an exciting journey filled with innovative updates and features. As the realm of digital card gaming evolves, Fun Spades stands out as a captivating and intellectually stimulating choice for card game enthusiasts


3X Upgrade! Meet with VOOPOO's New Super Pods ARGUS P2&G2

VOOPOO, a leading innovator in the vaping industry, is delighted to introduce two new additions to its esteemed ARGUS Pod series - ARGUS P2 and ARGUS G2. The two new super pods come with a 3X upgrade, fully upgrading the user's vaping experience.

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